Uploading your results

This covers how to get your result into OpenTrack. As an example, we are using the UK's Virtual National Road Relay Championships on 4th-8th April 2020.

From OpenTrack's / the software's point of view, the result submission only requires a performance to be input. You do not have to provide a URL. However, providing one is better as it means your performance can be validated. As such, some race organisers may insist on this. The URL can be any URL you wish, so, ideally it will be an embed code from Strava or Garmin, but if you use a different provider to this, then use their URL.

N.B. If you are a race director looking to input results, instructions are here

You can watch a video showing the process:

Who can submit and how it looks

If you have made an entry, the home page will show a yellow 'Submit Results' button during the time window for submission:

Strava embed info

You need to be logged in, and you need to be the person who made the entry. If you just entered yourself, no problem, but if a team manager entered you, please email them your time and evidence, as they will need to do it. What you see next will look like one of these.

No entriesJust Me2+ entries

No Entries

No Entries Pic
One Entry Pic Two Entries Pic

Now, you need to go to Strava or Garmin and get a special link. For Strava please follow the instructions EXACTLY.

For other non-distance-running challenges in future, we'll be able to accept a YouTube URL or a link to a photo - perhaps even a pic of a signed witness statement from someone of impeccable credentials!


Our first choice is to get a special link for embedding from Strava. You effectively give us permission to include this on our results pages, so we can show them nicely. Go to the activity in question and look for the Share icon:

Strava Share

This leads to a popup dialog with some text to select; copy this, and paste it into the OpenTrack results window.

Strava embed info

For geeks: a Strava embedding link looks like this below...we only need the link, not the iframe, which we will discard.


...while an ordinary Strava link looks like this:


With the latter link, the best we can do is let spectators browse to it in a new window

Garmin Connect

Garmin users will likewise see a Share icon at top right, circled in red:

Garmin Connect Share

Drop this down and you see the word 'embed' at the bottom of the menu:

Garmin Connect Share

Then copy the text from the resulting popup:

Garmin Connect Share

For computer geeks: Garmin embedding links look like this:


So, it looks like there is no anti-embedding token, as it's just a rearrangement of this which you can browse to:


Paste in your evidence

Please type in your time (e.g. 12:37, minutes and seconds separated by colon please!). We do not have electronic timing so will round off these races to the second, so don't bother with tenths or hundredths. Paste in the snippet from above.

Input your time

If the race is HUUUGE like VNRRC, it can take 15 seconds or more to save our results, but you should see a blue confirmation message in the end.

Please wait five minutes before complaining you are not in the results, as we have a 'cache' in front of the web server that keeps it responsive, and this is how often the results update for the public.

If at first it does not work, please go through the above again carefully. If it gives you a pink error message, please READ the message before contacting us! Volunteers are handling hundreds of emails per day so please be considerate of their time.